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​​Highly Durable non-yellowing paints

There is a perception that water-based paint is not as hard-wearing as their oil-based counterparts but this is not correct. In fact, they can perform much better because they stay flexible for longer. And this is especially important when used externally.
External timber will expand and contract in response to local temperatures, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. Eventually, this everyday movement will break down a painted surface allowing moisture to penetrate below the surface.
Because water-based paint remains flexible they can accommodate regular movement and, therefore, last much longer.
Water-based paint tends also to be water vapour permeable (or, microporous), which means they allow trapped moisture beneath their surface to evaporate naturally without damaging the paint film. 



For top quality results we use the best paint brands

Making the right choice of paint can be hard, there are so many factors to consider. The difference between success and failure comes down to preparation, the right finish, the correct colour palette and foremost; the quality. If you want to follow design trends or need specialist paint for more functional reasons, or want to freshen up a bathroom or revamp a kitchen there is a paint for every space.

Eco Decorator can advise you on the best paints for the job and we have a broad catalogue available to us. Take a look at some of our preferred brands.



Tikkurila are a high-performance paint manufacturer from Finland and are experts in highly durable woodstains, joinery lacquers and paints for woodwork and walls.


Teknos paints are water-based and do not contain lead, chrome or other heavy metal additives. Their paints have low VOC levels, low to no odour and durable finishes. Their modern pigments disperse evenly through the paint and provide lasting colour that is fade resistant.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore® is an American paint brand known for their superior quality paints, loved by professional painters and consumers alike. In the United States, you'll only findBenjamin Moore in independent stores 

Crown TradeTrade

The UK’s most successful independent paint brand with 200 years of history to its name.They have interior paints for every room in a wide range of colours.